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Table of content
Crimes and criminals in the science
    Lowest motives
    Wrong science history - forged history of science
    Deceit and swindler, fraud and deception in the science (see appendix)
- Nonsense on behalf of the science
Vital interest at the IGNORANCE of the people
Former forms of the penalization
Today the nonobservance and disregard of the better knowledge dominates
    Cliques and monopolies in the science and in the state
    The human being does not change himself basically!
Social progress
   Laws (Prohibitions, obligations and rules)
Further social progress is necessary
Examples of deceit and swindler, fraud and deception in the science
     - Nonsense on behalf of the science
     (with the examples of the philosopher Gerd Scobel and the psychologist Dr. Helmut Barz)

There are different crimes, dependent on that which kind the damage that the criminals cause is. Damage can be caused to the people or to the mankind in different way.
I want to write here only of the crimes which are committed by it that the best and newest (latest) knowledge is withheld from people.
If knowledge is withheld from the people, crimes are committed at the science and at the mankind because knowledge shall serve the mankind.
Before I treat in greater detail and look at briefly historically this aspect of the crimes at science and with that at mankind, I mention some institutes  and persons who have made themselves guilty at all events or make guilty themselves of this kind of crime now in our time.
These institutions and persons are against the distribution of the knowledge, which does not correspond to their personal vigorous interests for lowest motives.
Therefore these institutions and persons have to be counted as criminals in the science and classified as greater enemy of science as it was the church.
According to their IGNORANCE they behave stupidly by being only concerned about their own and "next" advantages which also means that they slow down and at first prevent the social progress.
The below mentioned persons attained knowledge from my scientific findings, discoveries and publications! In human being-despising manner they refused either every personal contact or a cooperation with me so as a support.
There are e.g. following leading institutes and their leaders, which today commit crimes in and at the science and that for reasons of a mixture of irresponsibility, stupidity, human being disdain, exaggerated egoism, limitedness and other low motives:

  • VolkswagenDonation
    Gentleman Dr. Dettenwanger and Mr Dr. Dutow, both responsibly for the supporting-initiative "Live? - A new look of the natural sciences onto the basic principles of the life."

    Because of this supporting-initiative of the VolkswagenDonation I wrote on 01.10.2017 to the two mentioned gentlemen and it made  attentive (on) that there can be only a (one) principle of the life and that I had discovered this in the year 2004 and that I had published this in the year 2005.For this purpose I provided the graphic representations of the principle of all life for them (PDF file).
    Furthermore I kept on asking for financial support especially since I did not receive something up to now from anybody.
    The two "gentlemen" didn't answer! Today (today the 15.04.2018).

    I did not translate my letter to Mr Dr. Dettenwanger (also to Dr. Dutow) yet in the English. I make the letter available nevertheless here in German.
    Letter to Dr. Dettenwanger:

    Schreiben an Dr. Dettenwanger
  • RWTH Aachen University, Medical Information Technology
    Prof. Steffen Leonhardt
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Allgöwer, University Stuttgart
  • President John L. Hennessy and Mr. John Etchemendy
  • Editors of the ScientificAmerican
  • Dr. Susan Splinter and executive board of the society
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kleiner - president of the German Research Community e.V..
  • Prof. Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker - formerly president of the German Research Community e.V..
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Diehl - university Tübingen, Psychological Institute
  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Markus F. Peschl - at University of Vienna
  • Dr. Carsten Könneker, Reinhard Breuer, Hartwig Hanser - editors of „Spectrum of the science" publishing house society GmbH - SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN
  • Dr. Klaus Rehfeld - editorial staff „Scientifical Panorama"
  • Wolfgang Hess - chief editor at „picture of the science"
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Funke - Psychological Institute, university Heidelberg
  • Dr. med. Helmut Barz, formerly president of the C.G.JUNG-INSTITUT ZÜRICH
  • Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog - Former president of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Professor Dr. Carl Friedrich Freiherr v. Weizsäcker, formerly president of the MAX-PLANCK-INSTITUT FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES
  • Gert Scobel - science editorial staff at the TV, 3sat
  • Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist
    Managing Directors:           
  • Dr. h.c. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Klaus Tschira
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Reuter

The behavior of these institutes and persons today is to be equated to the behavior that formerly, e.g. to Kopernikus and Galilei's times, the church showed concerning newest scientific results.
The behavior of these institutes and persons is indeed ignorance, the nonobservance and the disregard of the better knowledge.

Little by little I will designate more of these persons, institutes and cliques. The mentioned persons attained knowledge from my scientific findings, discoveries and publications!
In human being-despising manner they refused either every personal contact or a cooperation with me so as a support. The whole extent of the low origin (Charles Darwin) of the human being shows it in that and the action resulting from that from lowest motives!

The mentioned persons are criminals in the sense mentioned here. Because they prevent that the people attain knowledge of the newest knowledge, they commit crimes at the science and at the mankind.
Due to their exposed and prominent positions, they are obliged to spread the best and latest knowledge. However, they do not do this but they on the contrary prevent the distribution of best knowledge consciously for lowest motives.

Affected there from that in particular young people are, therefore people that still have their life before themselves, the crime is, to let not to receive to them newest knowledge, especially fatal!

In addition these persons and cliques hinder the progress of the science. Through that they commit also crimes at the society because social progress of the progress of the science is dependent.

These cliques and persons sell old knowledge several thousands of times.
They appoint themselfes as the sponsors of the youth; in fact it is a question first of all, however, of demonstrating themselves.
These are the reasons why the newest knowledge comes under people so late and the social progress also stays behind.

The social progress stays behind the technical progress. It stays behind even so much, that at first the technical progress is used so, that it harms man and mankind, too.

The mentioned persons have obviously vital interests against the general interests of the science and against the humanity if it is a question of the circulation from knowledge that does not come of them and otherwise does not correspond to their energetic interests and lowest motives!

Also it is so that these mentioned persons do not understand newest and best knowledge and therefore they attempt to prevent that other people hear from this knowledge and to understand it.

Their wrong pride, their thoughtlessness, their human being disdain and their power position forbids them (mostly officials in professor rank) to give other people a chance. The mendacious Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany helps them in this case when it deceives equal opportunity, justice and dignity of the human being.

The better knowledge is disregarded also by those ones and ignored, which raise the claim "Science history" to practice and to write.
The science history of these "gentlemen and ladies" is a forged history of the science. This forged history of the science hides the actual state of the current knowledge because this does not correspond to the interests of the persons ruling and dominating in the science.

In the following one I name some of the "ladies and gentlemens" and their cliques - named institutes that are even public and are supported by the people -  that forge the science history anyway. These are for example:

  • the Max-Planck-Institut for History of Science
    Boltzmannstraße 22
    14195 Berlin
  • Prof. Jürgen Renn, Executive Director Dr., Honorary Professor for the History of Science at the Humboldt-University Berlin, Honorary Professor for Physics at the Free University Berlin, Adjunct Professor for Philosophy and Physics at the Boston University
  • Prof. Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Director Dr., Honorary Professor for the History of Science at the TU Berlin, Dr. h.c. ETH Zürich
  • Prof. Lorraine Daston, Director Ph.D., Professor, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago Residence: since July 15, 1995
  • Prof. Sven Dupré, Research Group DirectorDr., Professor of History of Knowledge, Institute for Art History, Free University Berlin Residence: July 1, 2011 - September 30, 2016

These are only some of the forgers of the history of science and in this way swindlers and criminals in the science. Little by little I will designate more of these.

These people can behave so disdaining and misanthropically because they stand in certain exposed positions in the state and act from there.
We know this acting from power positions and from lowest motives for the own advantage and to the detriment of other people from the history.
And they misuse this power position just the same in the "science" as the other ones did it formerly.

Basically one can compare these mentioned persons and the cliques to those ones they belong, with ones of former times. For this purpose the following historical considerations.

There was interest for ignorance of the people formerly and there is this today still.

Formerly e.g. the church was against the announcement of certain knowledge. Then - to Kopernikus and Galilei's times - for example the knowledge, that not the earth but the sun stands in the center (of our planetary system), was not in the interest of the church. Behind this interest vital and low motives stood.
The church based their power on the old state of the knowledge. In the newer knowledge the church saw a danger for their predominance and in this way for their interests.

Also today still there are persons, institutions and cliques which prevent for the same reasons that the people are informed of the newest knowledge. There are e.g. professors or whole groups of professors who have such interest. Correspondingly they behave misanthropically, people despising and arrogant. I named some of these in this chapter and some already in the chapter PREFACE - I acccuse ... ! (GB) .

Nothing has changed itself therefore since former times and also since the time from Galileio Galilei in this respect.

Also today still the people who have newest knowledge and want to make newest knowledge known are punished. But in which form? How did the penalization look formerly and how does the penalization today look?

Formerly punishments were carried out through violence in various kinds of forms at human bodies (Stony ones, burning, on the wheels, dungeon, detention). Psychical pains of the punished ones, that is the victims, were combined with these as a matter of course!

Galileio Galilei was threatened because of his unwanted claims and had to spend from 1632 up to his death in the year 1642 in detention in his house!

Today the nonobservance and disregard of the better knowledges predominates.
Instead of the compulsion not to express his opinion, the detention and the physical punishments, more and more took today the ignorance and the nonobservance place.
They turn against those which have the better and newest knowledge which, however, is not in the interest of those which have the power.
The ruling try to withhold decisive knowledge from the people.Then something can be demonstrated to it easily, what isn't correct, however, what brings advantages to the ruling ones. One finds something of that daily in the news and their headlines.
Nothing changed at that. Also today still the ruling scientists, politicians and religion advocates make wrong conntexts if they get advantages through that.

The nonobservance (the ignorance) of the better knowledge and abilty is a new form of the violence and punishment with that one the ruling professors and other cliques act and dominate.

The nonobservance (the ignorance) is also a psychological combat means. The ignored ones suffer from the ignorance, sometimes even more than under physical use of force.
Here shows again once, too what that one studied and little formed human being capable is and one thinks in particular of our German "gentleman people" of the thirtieth years (Third empire, Hitler and Co.) in the past century.

The science is not free under any circumstances as one so often hears and means. No, on the contrary, concerned something the recognition and the possibilities of the spreading of knowledge, it is defeated by at least one, in fact several monopolies.

The monopolies are carried out by cliques whose members normally and in the majority are professors. Most of them are officials and therefore of the taxpayer paid.
They are in the institutes, in the executive boards, or are editors of scientific magazines. In these places they take influence onto the knowledge and determine so, what may become known or not. And that is as a matter of course only what corresponds to their personal interests.

There are highly ungifted "scientists" which therefore are envious onto the true scientists and discoverers by whom they profit and from whom they live it basically from their findings. Therefore they develop to arrogant persons from whom I already on other pages named some in particular in this home page.
These persons enjoy the advantages of authorities at the respective time, simple and only therefore, because they have power that they exploit unscrupulously.

All that goes not only to the detriment of the discoverers of the better knowledge, but it works to the detriment of the majority of the people, therefore to the detriment of and at the expense of the mankind.
Because that is like this, these persons - I named some at the beginning - and cliques commit crimes against the humanity.

All the one mentioned is a consequence of that, that the human being does not change himself fundamentally!

But if the human being has not changed himself and it does not change himself, why is no more tormented, is stoned, is burned, is killed and is punished as formerly?

Because one can change man not fundamentally, it must be all about changing the social rules, laws and liabilities, what also already happened in the course of the postbiological development process of the mankind.

If one establish rules, lawes and liabilities, although the human being does not change himself, through the existing regulations (laws, rules, customs, and so forth) the human being is forced to behave according to the regulations.
Or a little differently said: Although the human being did not change himself fundamentally, it must behave differently.

We achieved already social regulations which are very praiseworthy and show the social progress.
Today one can not put a human being under detention because he discovered something which is opposed to the energetic interests of other people.
If that would be today still possible, so I would be interrogated, condemned and somehow eliminated.
For this purpose, however, there is not the power anymore; but it becomes practised the ignorance, the nonobservance and the disregard of the better knowledges.

One can say today in particular if it is true in the Federal Republic of Germany "almost everything". However, it is just ignored then if it is true and does not correspond to the energetic interests of those being dominating - I named some of them. That is, however, also the bad thing in this case.

Today one can be condemned only after a hearing in court and the possibility of the defense has; yes even the attack's in the form of the reply, what there was hardly at Galilei's times. And if there was this, the cliques being there above that asserted then away and ultimately.

Because many things are not more possible to cause to other people, today the ignorance, wich means the nonobservance e.g. of the better knowledge become therefore the first means of those dominating in politics and science to carry out punishment (penalty) and violence. It is psychological violence!

A kind of the discrimination stepped through psychological violence and rape besides to the disregard of the equal opportunity and the dignity of the human being. It sounds like this: "You do not belong to us, because your findings are not in our interest; we let you feal that, when we do not pay attention to you."

Through the social rules existing today, the regulations and the laws, became the monopolist that withholds the newest findings and the best and newest knowledge from the people itself vulnerable.
Unfortunately too high hurdles exist today still in order to go on successfully against the monopolists in the science.
In addition the defenders in power positions can, with a "thick fur" (see the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel) to jump over some right.

The media do not keep on contributing today only to some being cleared up but also for this purpose at, that errors are spread and are moved to people into a light that does not become them. That slows down indeed the postbiological development, but it does not stop it.

Today the possibility exists to uncover the monopolists and his cliques. Because of that, they try to avoid and prevent as long as possible any comment, which then leads to their arrogant and ignorant behaviour (arrogance, nonobsevance and ignorance).
I have listed some people who practise this style of the ignorance with arrogance in our society in this chapter and in the chapter PREFACE - I acccuse ... ! (GB) .

So the nonobservance (ignorance) of the better knowledge, of the better ability, of the better opinions, and so forth exists, which we must experience today in diverse forms just in the Federal Republic of Germany.

That there is still today this kind of the mentioned ignorance and arrogance shows and means that the society is not advanced sufficiently yet.

What therefore must be done so that that is changed?

If one wanted to achieve further social progress, one would have to forbid e.g. the ignorance, that is the nonobservance and the disregard of the better knowledge, by law then.

For so long the nonobservance and disregard of the better knowledge (the ignorance) not is forbidden, there is not any human being dignity, no equal opportunity and the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany or of other states keeps on being not more than a saying collection how again and again is to be found.

With the prohibition and the penalization of the ignorance, simultaneously the possibilities to the publication and participation have to be opened for people, which do not have "yet any name" and not belong to any monopoly and any of the cliques.

I remind e.g. of one not becoming member of an academy today due to a certain achievement but through the recommendation of two members - therefore through clique behaviors.

The instrument of the monopolists being there is today therefore the ignorance - the nonobservance and the disregard of the better knowledge. That means, the monopolists (professors and other groups dominating there) do as if there were not certain newest knowledge  and the people who these knowledge come of. That is a part of their crimes at the people and against the humanity.

It emerges other part of their crimes out of that, that they withhold knowledge from other people. That is a very fatal offence and crime against the humanity.
Through that they commit crimes in multiple respect at the science, at the society and at the human being.

They commit the first crime in doing as if there were not certain newest findings and the people who these findings come of.
It is ignorance of the newest and better knowledge and a dignity-free dealing with the people that elaborated the knowledge is therefore.

2. They do the second crime withholding the newest knowledge from other people.

3. They do the third crime when they do not consider the newest knowledge state consciously and forge the science history (the history of science) in this way.

They commit the fourth crime by the fact that they hold back science or impede at least the progress.

5. They do the fifth crime at the social progress. When they work towards the progress of the science, hinder or they slow down in this way also the social progress since this of the progress of the sciences is dependent.
This is valid in particular for the science that is handled here indeed the science of the life and in this way also of the human being.

All five crimes are fatal offenses and crimes against the humanity.

The nonobservance and disregard (the ignorance) of the better knowledge through those that are dominating in science, politics and society happens from lowest motives, for which these persons and groups of persons commit crimes at the mankind and against the humanity as discribed.

What therefore in Galilei's times the church with their instrument inquisition was, those ones are today the types dominating in the science and the cliques with their instrument nonobservance and the disregard (the ignorance) of the better knowledgs.

I named some of the people who use this instrument in this chapter and in the chapter PREFACE - I acccuse ... ! (GB).

Such cliques establish today e.g. the conductors of institutes, the editors, the advisory boards of scientific magazines, and so forth.
Professors who have never achieved something special are among these. Accordingly they suppress special services of other persons, so good and as long as it is only possible to them. And this is it what one must fight against. But as said, this only can be reached by corresponding legislations.

It is to be stated therefore that one needs further social progress. Since the human being does not change himself, corresponding social rules must help so to avoid unwanted behavior and force the wanted social behavior.

( ... the law only can give us liberty.  - J.W.Goethe).


In the society nothing rare and anything unusual are lies and deceit (delusion) - fraud and trickery. They are component of a society.
Nothing changed itself at that, and the society became accustomed to that more or less unfortunately.
I mean not only the everyday life lies, the delusions and trickery of the „little" people, but in particular the ones of the "big" ones, in this case rich and in the society feared and respected people. In order to be able to live in this way, lies and deceit in a hodge-podge from displacement and covering up are made unaware.
This leads then also to the tremendous amount of dominating errors. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe writes in this context from a „sea of errors" in his Faust, or
       "Oh, happy who still hopes to rise
        Out of this sea of errors and false views!"

(From GOETHE'S FAUST translated by Walter Kaufmann; originally published by Dobleday & Company, Inc. in 1961).

One just experiences lies and deceiving on highest level in the society e.g. on the part of the politics also today and one must make her about himself be passed.
Especially as regards Europe is lain from the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble a lot. They spread errors and practise deceit.
All that shall not stand here in the centre of my considerations.

Here the lies, deceit and the fraud in the science are supposed to stand in the centre!
In the science is lain as else in the society also a lot and deceived. Lies and trickery are in the science for instance given if so-called "scientists" deal with names - in the spoken and written word - as if it were defined concepts.
It is in this way meant that these "scientists" give names to unclear processes and make so the impression arise as if they would know what they speak about.
I want to become more exact - more precise - and to show at two examples what is in this way meant.

In the German television there is a scientific programme, sent by 3sat which is presented and moderated by Mr Gerd Scobel.
In these programmes not defined names as objectivity, subjectivity and so forth, are dealt with as if it were concepts, which stand for already clarified states of affairs or processes.
Differently said: It becomes in these programmes the impression raises as if Mr. Gerd Scobel and his guests would know what they are talking about. What, however, scientifically considered, the case is not.

I take for example the topic "objectivity and subjectivity". Both are "concepts" not cleared yet in public and recognized science at the moment.
For public and recognized science unsolved and unknown processes are behind the names objectivity or objective and subjectivity or subjective.
This means that in reality the people who use these names don't know what they talk about.
And this is the deceit: Speak and feign by something so as if one would exactly know what it is and what one talks about!
The consequence of that is that a lot of scientific nonsense is spoken and written.

So can one to the programme "Perception - discovery - objectivity" of Mr. Gerd Scobel (27.06.2011) among others read:

„Objectivity is regarded as an important and stamping ideal primarily in sciences. If one goes on the search for the ways to reach this ideal of the objectivity actually, it turns out soon that there are not at all uniform opinions."

At first it has to this to be noticed that Mr Gerd Scobel is pretending as he and the other know what objectivity is. And they do as if it only is all about discussing and judging the objectivity under different points of view.

It is then said further:
"What objectivity is, is dependent on the historical change, as well as many other processes."

That means accordingly that objectivity is not something specific for Gerd Scobel and his "scientists"!
Through such wrong opinions these "scientists" (Gerd Scobel and his guests) bring themselves into contradiction, which they do not notice obviously.
They are the ruling scientists that can allow something like that. One can not say anything to them, they can not be informed - so as it was always at times and they define the spirit of the time.
 It is "the gentlemen's own spirit, in which times are reflected." (Goethe in the Faust).

Also in the science there were always also the dominating ones. They had the saying even if it was wrong and false. Nothing changed itself at that - times of Kopernikus or Galilei - fundamentally. Errors are spread also in the science still on a massive scale by those who rule!

One keeps on being able to read to the programme:

"What it means to train our always subjective senses in the direction of an objective perception"?

I must say with regard to that first of all: It is a nonsense to speak of "our always subjective senses", because that is completely not correct.

If Gerd Scobel and his guests knew, what objective and what objectivity unlike subjective and subjectivity is, such stupid opinions and statements wouldn’t have taken place.

I rectify it:
Our sense organs (receptors, sense cells) - not our senses - are in order to send us the environment. And they do it quite reliably. They do it so reliably, that we are able to move and travel on the earth (lately even in the sky) quite surely between objects.
There are not the "senses" at itself. Who means the enlargement (extension) of the sense organs about the perception in this way, should know that. He should know how the perception is achieved and what is in this way meant.
If Gerd Scobel and his guests knew what objective and what objectivity unlike subjective and subjectivity is, so feeble-minded opinions and statements would not have been achieved!

Following sentences show the whole scale of the ignorance which is admitted indeed by Scobel himself also in part:

"Is objectivity the same as rationalism - the absence of personal and of feelings? It is also questionable, whether the purposeful breaking of the subjectivity is in fact supporting in a hoped manner for discovery-supporting."

On the one hand is written about objectivity as if one - in this case Gerd Scobel and his guests - would know what objectivity is, because they talk e.g. about their importance.
On the other hand is thought on the whole about or asked; then, however, also so done and deceived as if they (Gerd Scobel and his guests) would know what they speak of.
The shown dealing with the concept objectivity is exemplary and shows how some "scientists" raise the appearance of the knowledge towards their ignorance (non-knowledge). Such a behavior is of course delusion and deceit in the science.

As a further example for lie and deceit, I would like to mention the psychiatrist, psychotherapist and former leader of the C.G.Jung institute Dr. Helmut Barz and relate me to places in his book "Of the nature of the soul" (Kreuz publishing house 1979).
I bring in this book even if it lies some years back; because nothing changed itself since then at the contents to be criticized. The psychology as a natural science is with his basics on the state of at least 50 years ago conked out.

It is not exaggerated to speak of the psychology today still from a naive science because the psychology is a natural science that is practiced without natural laws, therefore without definitions of nature-legal contexts.

In this book - Of the nature of the soul - Helmut Barz writes of the soul and in the individual e.g. of the objective one. Soul is obvious at Barz of everything. I quote e.g.:
"Not the eye sees, nor does not hear the ear, but the soul sees, hears, smells, tastes and touches - mediated (conveyed) by the sense organs."

To that is to be said: The perception is not achieved only through the sense organs (receptors and sense cells). One knows that already long before Helmut Barz.
But, however that sight, hearing (listening), smelling and so forth is to be assigned to the soul, this nonsense may only be of him, Dr. med. Helmut Barz, come.

Indeed one can interpret some into that, what the eye or the ear  mediate us of the environment, but therefore everything can not be "soul" or mixed somehow with that. That is not in fact scientific and already not at all scientific!

It is not a surprise that the psychology stands today still on a medieval state to which I refer as naive with pleasure and that I speak of a naive psychology if people with such unscientific opinions as Helmut Barz guide psychological institutes. He was or is still president of the C.G. Joung-Institute in Zürich.
It is occasionally almost nonsense which Helmut Barz gives in his book of themselves. He keeps on writing:

"A green meadow is not therefore »objectively« green (objectively is the fact that the grasses reflect a certain oscillation of the sunlight), but she becomes first »green« in the perceiving soul of the human being."

With Helmut Barz nothing seems to be objective. Why then uses he this word anyway? Obviously there must be something, which one designates as objective. When one would assign the impression - the perception - of green not to the objective one, what would still be objective?

Upshot and final consideration

The fact, that Helmut Barz with denominations (e.g. "soul" and "objective") goes around as if it were valid concepts, lie and deceit is in the science, unless, he did not know that this is not right and he sells and spreads a lot of nonsense with his book.

Apart from these two examples there is to mention many which show how so-called scientists handle names so as if these were concepts and as if they would know what they talk about. This dealing in science therefore is lie, deception and deceit in science.


I will still rework also this chapter in order to offer you if possible better descriptions and representations. Please still come around therefore on this page at a later visit. Many thanks for your interest!

Dietmar West

Released: 14th February, 2012
Continued: 19th Oct. 2012: Deceit and swindler, fraud and deception in the science
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