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The Principle of all Life  (Repres. Nr.1)Dietmar West
Eschenbacher Str. 26
73037 Göppingen
E-Mail: dietmar-west@t-online.de

Dietmar West founded the modern psychology based on laws of nature. This  also made psychology a natural science!

Dietmar West is the founder of the modern psychology, which is based on the natural laws description of the processes of life and of experience and behavior. He discovered several natural laws that determine life, experience and behavior. These are listed in the PREFACE (to be selected in the menu).

Due to the laws of nature discovered by Dietmar West, the science of life, experience and behavior (psychology) is comparatively at least on the level of physics after the discoveries of Isaac Newton.

Lectures, lessons and workshops for different groups of persons are planned, that more of the Postbiological Development Process of the Mankind of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens and of the fundamental and nature-legal processes (e.g. The Basic Law of the Psychology, The Principle of all Life) and of the basic quantities would like to hear, that determine the experience* (see the explanation at the end of this chapter) and behaviour of the human being.

Further education

  • For professors, university lecturers, teachers at a secondary school, teachers, scientists
  • For psychologists, doctors
  • For politicians, economic leader (Manager), in particular for ministers and ministers of education, culture, science and research and of all manners
  • For students, pupils and young people
  • For other interested persons and groups
  • For professors on the whole world which ones would not like to die stupid (added at 13th December 2011 according to continuous nonobservance for years througt the professors).

In addition to the subject, as it in the great topics The Principle of all Life, The Basic Law of the Psychology or The Postbiological Development Process of the Mankind of the Homo Sapien Sapiens is treated, I can prepare the subject also in lower topics, so that I can combine the currently handled subject as required from the different great topics and lower topics and offer the currently treated subject as required.

Some of the lower topics in addition to the main topics in an at first not binding way offered could be:

  • Biological and technical regulations, the control circuit (the closed-loop control system) and the most important concepts of the control circuit.
  • New basic units and concepts in the natural science which the basics of the natural science broaden by some dimensions.

    Processes and their description: the fact (a given state), the event, the time, the happenings! - Scientific treatises and definitions.
  • What is the TIME? --> Short treatise and definition of the time
    (On this topic I decided ultimately to take position, after I in the "bild der Wissenschaft", a German scientific magazine which means "picture of the science" in the edition 01/2008 the article TIME IS ONLY AN ILLUSION? had read.

    It proves also here again that the "scientists" do not have basis knowledge sufficiently in order to understand such fundamental appearances or to make such fundamental appearances understandable.

For psychologists especially recommended:

  • The natural-legal basis (the background) of the TYPOLOGY of C.G. JUNG (the Psychological Functions Feeling, Intuition, Thinking, Sensation and the corresponding Psychological Types).
  • The scientific and natural-legal background of the Psychology by Sigmund Freud.  -> Treatise and definitions.
  • The nature-legal basis and the repression (suppression) law.
  • Repression and veiling (disguise), consequences of the repression, for example the contradictions (discrepancies), of which also the present society is full.
  • The "iceberg in the water" by Sigmund Freud: Conscious and Unconscious (Unaware) one
    - about the origin (the development) of the conscious one and the unconscious (unaware) one.
  • The Body-Soul-Problem: Description, treatise and the solution of the problem.
  • The Complementation and the affect
  • What is THINKING? - Scientific treatise and definition.
  • Psychological states and their changes represented in the complex level.
    - scientific treatise and examples.
  • The Self-consciousness (self - awareness) - scientific description and Definition!
  • The natural-legal dilemma of the homo sapiens sapiens and its representation and description in the psychology!

Further possible topics:

  • The objective thing and the subjective thingwhat is objective and what is subjective?
    - scientific treatise and definitions.
  • What is experience* (in the sense of the German word "erleben"? What does experience* follow from?
  • Repression and balanced state in the Environment-Human Being Control Circuit.
  • Repression and veiling (disguise) ("it is bad, however who knows to what that is good"!)"
  • What is spirit, psyche and what is soul ? - Description and definitions.
  • Psychological basics
     - determination (definition) and their "measuring".
  • About the origin of the life: Fundamental processes that to the life led.
  • The "Internal clock": its origin and the importance for living beings.
  • Collegium Logicum especially for politicians as an alternative to their party congresses and the stupid and feeble-minded public discussions and appearances.

    For example:

    Lecture to the scientific bases which are necessary to discuss about "values" in the society and their specification.

*) The English language does not plan unfortunately any own word for the process which is described in the German with "Erleben" !

In the English as also in the French vocabulary there is unfortunately for two different and strictly to be distinguished processes, wich in the German are named with "Erleben" and "Erfahrung" only a word (a concept), namely "experience" respectively "expérience" (in French).


Dietmar G. West

If you liked to contact me:

Eschenbacher Str. 26

D-73037 Göppingen


E-mail: dietmar-west@t-online.de

Homepages: www.west-dietmar.de



Released: 04/2008
Further edited on 05/2010
on 13th December 2011: "For professors .."
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